Thursday, December 3, 2009

Accelerated Radar

Well, we'll just call him 'Radar', Spot! He arrives late, tries to sneak out to go to the BR or the nurse, and he never, ever has his homework...that's when he generally tries to bail. And how do you come to reading and not have your book? It's just plain maddening, Spot. But your buddy, Radar is a charmer, first class.

To some, my reading students are known as the 'goal-huggers', I don't know. I never can see a kids as a number. But many of my kids just can't seem to get themselves over the hump numberwise. Radar loves to read, but isn't great at putting a pencil to the page and writing about reading. He picks the hardest books and only half finishes them. And he's a w-i-d-e writer...spreads his words way out--about three or four words to a line. He sure can fill up a lot of lines. Trouble is--those lines are filled with nothing. He's the sixth grade verson of Seinfeld--writing all about

He wanted in the worst way to read The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins. He caught me reading it. So now? We're working up to it. But Radar? He's not living up to his part of the bargain. So, he knows I've got my eye on him. Today he picked out a Margaret Haddix book, Among the Hidden. (You just gotta love the irony!) We divied up the pages, and set a few goals. And next week--it's on to the journal! No mercy, Mr. are on my radar now!