Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love Spot

Happy Valentine's Day, Spot! What? You're in love? No...Spot!

Okay, well here's some good advice...are you ready? School and love do not mix. Oh my gosh. Last week we had a crisis. Spot got his very first invitation to a boy-girl party. I am not kidding. Here's a little story...from wayyyyy back in the 60's, Spot. Are you listening? Well, the 60's, the Beatles, Beatle hats and boyfriends. BOY crazy! That is what I was. Flirting, chatting, heart was love. The boy...well, he gave me a yellow, plastic bubble ring. It's really amazing that I made it to college after that. My mind turned to jello. Not jigglers, either. The gloppy kind of jello. My teacher was talking, but I was just plain dumb-founded. All I could do is that boy. I think I was more in shock than anything else. And my dad? Well...when he found out, that ring was hurled across the living room...and then, he made me give it back. I learned two valuable lessons: 1) To suspend my disbelief...but don't take it too seriously. 2) Don't EVER let my dad know anything about other boys in my life. And love, is definitely in bloom in the real-world of sixth grade right now! After all, spring's just around the corner. So Spot...that glazed-over look? I know that look. First's all good. (Just do your homework!)


  1. "I want to hold your haaaaaaaannnnnd!" Isn't that what we were listening to? "She loves you, yea, yea, yea." Can I guess who the ring bearer was?

    On Valentine's day we celebrate all our loves. But first love in the spring, must be one of the best. Great article! I love the jello comparison. I never thought of it that way, but you are right about the"gloppy kind of jello" feeling. I don't think that kind of love is ever replaced. You know, the kind where your staring imprints where every crease on his face is, you memorized every hair on his head, you never see a flaw,or a pimple. And if you closed your eyes, you could probably draw that image even today.
    Hopefully, like us, your student's 'first loves' will be cautious enough to remember that in the is the friendship that endures the long haul - and act appropriately. Since there are no more Sister Mariella's to say "please, act like ladies and gentlemen!" You are right, just remember to do the homework.

  2. Well, first of all, the bubble ring...fifth grade, actually. Now that I think about it. My dad was still alive at that point. It was George Rahn! Remember him? He came to my father's wake, and that was the last I saw of him. Of course, that's a good way to have the bejeeeesus scared out of you!!!Oh my gosh. I always remember his name. But when I write about any of these boys back then, they always have that hair thing going on like Vinnie S. Remember that? The flinging of the hair back...and the pea coat! I saw a boy come back down the aisle from the bathroom at church yesterday, and I almost burst out laughing. He had the pea coat and he flung his head back to flip the hair out of his face! All this after being in the b-room for about half the mass. His father had gone to get him!! Life is full of funny things that bring us back to the good old days, always!!! :)

  3. I don't remember him, but I'l bet he remembers you. :)
    Vince would laugh his head off at us "chatting about him" all these years later. But he was a trend setter, that is for sure. My own son, grew his hair out, as the 'surfer look' is a constant here by the beach. And when I saw him do that "head bob move' to get the hair off his face, I almost choked.
    The more things change, the more they stay the same....I think it is great. I wish the beach boys would come back, too. That would really make my day!

  4. Just listened to the Beach Boys at lunch...then Janis Joplin, Dixie Chicks and a wide array of other stuff! It's snowing again here, so no hope of winter's end for now! (I should be in Florida. I am a beach babe, that's for sure!)