Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Autism Speaks...Shouts, and Attracts Attention

Another tribute to the world of autism today. I can't resist. I was in Borders eavesdropping...and just getting such a kick out of it. A twenty-somethin young man and his caretaker...55 or so, were perusing the sale rack of cds right next to the stationery aisle. Young guy says to old guy, "What's this?" 
Old guys says, "Music from West Side Story, a great broadway show--a play."
     Young guy responds, "I like plays, right?"
                                      "Yes, you like plays..." He goes on to recount the virtues of the music of West Side Story, the dance, the characters, etc. 
The young guy is clearly on his own wavelength, picking up the very next cd, and saying, "What's this?" Old guy goes on to explain the whole saga of the Lion King, chapter and verse.
 Then, the young guy picks up a Beatles album, at this point, I'm on the other side of the rack. I have to see what's going on! The young guy is rocking back and forth with a huge grin on his face. 
        "It's a play, right?" he asks. The caretaker goes on to explain the whole phenomenon of the Beatles!  The young man's autism is showing...and loud and clear in public. I love it. He's got a sense of humor and has his caretaker retrieving the ball for him over and over again.
         But, as I walk away, I see a 50ish woman in a jaunty, color-matched get-up shaking her head. The manager walks by and she blurts out, "I didn't come here to listen to this!" I wanna say...this ain't no lending library, lady, but I don't. My friend is so smart...playing his game and enjoying his life. He sure knows how to keep a conversation going. And that, to me, is very cool.

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