Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Call for Heroes--A Note to All Teachers!

Isn't he the best? I'm referring to this cute little beast to the left, of course. So sweet, so proud. Well, there are many, many heroes in this world, Spot. And most of the time? We hear about the horrors instead. The news media loves to feast on the foibles of mankind.

But right now in the small island nation of Haiti, people are scurrying to help people to reclaim even the smallest bit of comfort in light of the awful earthquake there. I heard a story about a little girl, Spot...her name was Daphne. Daphne had broken her arm and all eleven members of her family are now dead. This very kind man whose family was all found safe went to stay with Daphne, to sit with her and to give her a moment of comfort.

The reason I bring this up, Spot, is because my friend John Farell...you know him, right? He came to school today to sing and tell stories about all the wonderful people on our planet. John makes music all over the world. And he's headed up the Bridges of Peace and Hope non-profit organization that our class is a part of. Right now, BOPH is looking for people in our world who are heroes. These are the sometimes 'unsung heroes', like Dr. Ann Hines, who spent 30 years in a small free clinic in Danbury. Dr. Hines is retired now...but she will remain a hero because she gave of herself without looking for money or the spotlight like so many people do.

A little note to the teacher friends out there: If you or your students have witnessed anyone that fits this category. Contact John at his Bridges of Peace and Hope website, or simply leave a comment below! The more heroes we can find, the merrier. We will then award just one this year...the prestigious Bridges of Peace and Hope Heroes Award. But hurrry! We need to know by February 15th!

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