Thursday, February 25, 2010

High Stakes Testing-Off to the Races

And they're off! Our district has a mission...we'll be third in our DRG, a comparable sampling of districts rated according to socioeconomic factors.
Lordy, what a goal. Sorry, Spot. I don't mean to be disrespectful, really.
And as always, I am one faithful teacher. I'll do everything I can to get you over the bar.

But testing is just so...ummm, uncreative! There, it's out! Yesterday, I wrote all about how we're getting charged up and disguising any disdain at all, to really get you guys that last teaspoonful of knowledge that you'll need to do well on these tests. The truth? In a real society, we'd be looking at all the kids across our borders to insure their success. I don't mean to go all moral or anything, but what about those kids in our city schools that'll be happy to have a warm meal and two parents at home? If we're going to lift ourselves up as a society will we EVER start to make a difference there?

You guys have it made, Spot! You've got the gold without even putting your names on the page. Just like I told you after we finished the practice tests this morning..."It's a no-sweatsky!" And me? Well, weren't you just so proud of me for getting all those sticky CMT labels on straight?
Here's the good news, homework for you for at least two weeks! I'm not kidding. Homework...1) Never before vacation. 2) Never during CMTs, 3) Never when the Mets/Jets win a big game! So, Spot? You can now sit back and enjoy the ride!


  1. I'll bet these snow days are fun to schedule around? Actually, maybe they're a blessing. Dials down the tension a little. Good luck.

  2. Can you believe, I woke up thinking about one or two things more I want to cram into their brains before they take the writing prompt? I've never bought into the tests to such a great degree...I always thought good teaching would make it happen for them. But...for some, that's not necessarily true. Monday's the writing prompt...MONDAY! Jeesh. Half of my kids come in with the eyelids shut on Mondays! Oh well.