Monday, March 14, 2011

Think Green!

Well, hello there, Spot. I know I've ignored you a bit in the past few weeks. But today? I was thinking about you! Honest.

I was pulling up toward school, and a big old yellow bus got in my way. I was sticking out in the intersection, mostly because a) I had no place to go, and b) I could not go through that bus! And that's when it happened. A mama, leaving school in her shiny black car leaned on her horn and started screaming at me...well, her window was closed, Spot, but she was turning super red in the face. Then, OMG. She lifted a very bad finger and showed it to me. I was a little shocked Spot, in fact I was horrified. I hope you were not watching Spot, and if you were, I hope you put those little doggie paws up to your eyes.

I'm thinking she's got the winter blues and needs just a little bit of green. Jeesh. It's crabby out there! But then I started thinking about all you little Spots, and how crabby it might be at home too. So Spot, tonight, I want you to go home and do your homework, and offer to do the dishes and put them all away. I want you to read and play quiet. And just for tonight, send a little love out into the world!

Today is day five of the green challenge! Anybody in? I've worn green for five days now, and I still have three more days to go. One of the kids told me he was wearing green today, but he just couldn't show me! Whoa! That's where I draw the line! There are some things you just don't want to know!

I'll be back tomorrow, Spot. It's CMT week, so I have no correcting to do (yeah, right!).

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