Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Black Hole

It being conference season again, we are currently visiting with the most eligible moms and dads of the pups who are often eager and sometimes willing, but never seem to be able to get it together no matter what!

Yesterday, Spot's friend, Spike's mother came in with Spike in tow.
Now Spike is aptly named, for that is the true shape of his hairdo...completely gelled to stand straight up on end. I love this kid...I mean doggie. He cracks me up...well, most of the time. But. If he spent just a smidge of the time managing his things as he does on his hair, life would be great. He travels with a stack of stuff that can NOT be straightened, no matter how hard you try! I think he's probably got his grandmother's wedding license and a sampling of his mother's cookies in there too! You just don't know. And you wince when you look at it, so you don't want to know. But Spike sits right next to me, so I can help him out when he's in a panic. 

Last week, he couldn't find his Social Studies assignment for the life of him. Social Studies is his absolute favorite subject in school...and he is brilliant when it comes to discussing politics! When he got to the bottom of his stack he said, "Mrs. Lynch! I've got it!" He slipped it out from under one of his notebooks and handed it to me. I was ready to be relieved until I looked at its content...all in Italian! It was his high school aged brother's Italian homework! Whenever we can't find something in the classroom, we inevitably look in Spike's pile, and sure's always there. Spike carries the weight of the world in that pile, literally!

Yesterday, his mother just shook her head and said, "I love my boy, he's a blessing to me, but he drives me nuts too!", the job was to clean that black hole of a locker in order to be able to put just the essentials in there. What came out of that locker was startling really! Spike could've had a tag sale,  honestly. He must've had 4 sets of drumsticks, there was a velour leopard print jacket (I kid you not!), a couple of coats, socks, gym shorts, and oh yes...more than a pencil or two--probably enough to hand out to the other 949 students in our school!

The best of all though, is that his mother left us yesterday, thanking us over and over again for our efforts with Spike. And then she said, "I have just a few cookies for you. I'm sorry, they're not my best." Well, Spike? Those were the best darn cookies in the world. And you know what else...every day when you leave my room and you turn around and say, "Thank you. Thank you, Mrs. Lynch!"  That is what does it for me! Your mom doesn't owe me another one of her sinful cookies. Gratitude. It's the magic ingredient of a great kid! 

Spot, you got a great friend there. Stick with him. (But watch out for your stuff...he's got sticky fingers from all that hair gel!)


  1. Hi Spot,
    Wow, do I ever remember the 'Spikes' I've encountered over the years. The funny thing is, Spot, no matter how crazy Spike makes you, he's got an awesome sense of humor and just when you think you're going to grab him by the throat, he says or does something that cracks you up and all is forgiven. Plus, many of the Spikes in the world are generous to a fault and they make great friends. So be patient, Spot. One day you'll grow to appreciate and value knowing Spike.

  2. Great reading, Buddy! I teach all 'Spikes' all day long. And I wouldn't do anything different. As for organizational skills, think of it this way:
    1. Spike will find a wife, husband or secretary one day to replace a loving Mom with a good memory.
    2. Spike will not walk up the aisle with all the mess, but will wear his heart, sense of humor, and smile. All other details will be forgotten.
    3. Spike will return to the things you taught when another generation of puppies comes the pats on the head are very important now.
    4. Maybe, when Spike is 30, he will want to learn Italian. You just never know. But he will remember.
    5. I recommended a 30 day trial of (organizational software called) "" at a parent conference today. Then some of the clutter can find a home....mentally that is.
    Have a Great Weekend....Conferences are over...right?

  3. Yay! Conferences are over!! Let freedom ring! It has been quite a week.
    As for Spike, he's the best friend in the whole world...kind to all, and an obstacle mostly to himself alone! Came to me as soon as he saw reading on the board today with his hands on his cheeks, "Ummmm," he says. And now he's following me around the room. I try to ignore him, like he's a common housefly that'll eventually go away. No doing..."Ummmm," he says again. I turn...I look---"I forgot my reading homework, but's on the kitchen table." I squished his spiky hairdo, and told him to go sit down and show it to me on Monday. He's so funny! Predictably so!

  4. Lucky Spike. You're a saint. Is there a St. Gael? Should be-along with St. Patrick!

  5. This site must be set to central or some other time zone. I wasn't even home from work at 1:51 pm. Wouldnt want my boss thinking I was blogging while teaching....errrrugh. Any idea how to change the time zone thing?

  6. Hello Ms Blueyes,
    To fix the time I believe you can do the following: Go to your Blogger Dashboard page and click on 'Setting'. Once there select the 'Format' tab at the top of the page. Once there, scroll down until you see the time selection and put it at the appropriate one. That should correct your time of post.

  7. Forget those instructions on fixing the time. I just noticed it doesn't work! Sorry.

  8. Love all this techno-talk. The blonde in me just buzzed right by it!