Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Share Spot!

Are you serious, Spot? I worry about you. You have a bad case of using that tail of yours to wag the system! "I need to know just how much homework I can expect in the next few weeks." What?
(Doggies should not talk to their teachers like that. You're cute, but not that cute.)

Look at the doggy that is pulling on that stick with you. Do you see the wisdom there? That doggy knows that school simply comes first. I know, I know. Baseball, softball, lacrosse, ballet, ping pong, gymnastics, butterfly club and pottery club too.

But. Do you remember that picture that we stared at yesterday...the one on page 523 in your social studies text? It showed a pictorial graph of the number of China's citizens and the comparison to the number of American citizens. We studied those same pictorial graphs when we studied India. What part of that picture do you not understand? Maybe I'm not doing my job here. China has almost four citizens for our every one! India can match that! Those kids are working very hard to get ahead of you, Spot. You need to get smarter, work harder and put your nose to the grindstone.

So...Spot? Are you still there? You may have to use your time more wisely. SHARE your time! But be sure that the first share is your schoolwork. I love sports and recreational activities. I believe kids need networks of friends, and they need to be fit. You may have to give up a little of your videogame time this spring, but never, ever cut short time that should be spent in schoolwork. And Spot? Telling your teacher that You need to know anything is downright disrespectful. Behave, Spot. You're a great little puppy. Everyone wants to keep loving you! (And let me know when you have a game. I might just show up on the ballfield and  SHARE down time with you!) 


  1. Hi Spot,
    I know, I know. The last thing you need is for me to add my two cents but you DO really need to listen to your teacher. What's that you're saying, Spot? Are you suggesting your parents are an important part of this issue? Ahh...I think I understand. Maybe you could have a talk with them about your being so 'over scheduled'. Do you think that would work? Spot? Are you listening? Oh well. He just left for practice!

  2. No...I dragged that long leash of his back into the classroom. He's feeling a little rundown today. Too much to do, so little time. I remember having nothing but time and feeling like I'd never grow up! These guys are going to turn around some day and realize that all this busy-ness is putting their childhood on FAST forward!