Thursday, June 4, 2009

Did Somebody Say Kickball?

Well, Spot, you've been a great little puppy this year! You really have! We've just about covered everything in the sixth grade play book. After a year of trying to pin you down and get you to stay on task with your buddies, you snapped into place and got your work done in 30 minutes flat this afternoon! Could it be I've finally found the magic words?

"I just might be thinking about adding a 20 minute kick ball game to our day."

ADD? ADHD? I think not! Why didn't I think of this sooner!! It's the oldest trick in the book--bribery! It doesn't take the promise of a new gadget, a video game, or even a trip to the ice cream shop! A twenty minute kickball game. It's just good for the soul!


  1. You're a lucky boy, Spot. You have a teacher who understands you and what you need to keep motivated. But wait a minute!! Won't that 20 minute kick ball game negatively impact CMT scores? Uh oh. Let's keep this to ourselves.