Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy St. Paddy's Day to the Perfect Pooch

Spot, you are a mighty festive fellow! I know you can't wait for all the treats and goodies, the wonder of the day. It's St. Patrick's Day, a chance to sport your green (it's mandatory...don't mess with me on this one) and have a few good laughs along the way.

You see, Spot. My job is to educate you, and the district expects me to inspire you as well. To me? There's nothing more inspirational than a few good laughs, a little adventure, and a story or two along the way!

We've been studying African folktales...and you might wonder, Spot, how I'm gonna make that leap. But you see, Spot? Story is never really a leap at all! We are much more global than we think. Take for example, Anansi. Who can't love that little guy? He's often described as a rogue, a clever trickster and a thief. Anansi has moved from Africa to the Carribean Islands, and then right here to America as well. When the first African Americans set foot on our soil, we know they were stripped of their culture and their roots as well. Those roots ran deep, though...and story continued to grow. Anansi, the trickster and Brer Rabbit are practically kissing cousins.

So...when it comes to that tricky leprechaun, we needn't look far! The leprechaun was simply a two foot man, dressed like a cobbler. His attire, the hat, the leather apron and the buckled shoes come from his roots as a peasant in the hills of Ireland. And just like Anansi, you'd best not take your eye off him, Spot! He's a tricky little fellow. He'll make off with the gold before you can say...Irish soda bread!

Tomorrow, Spot? Come in with your brogue and your imagination too. We'll be speaking and writing the language of the fairies...and feeling a little magical too! (Now that my friend, is what inspiration is all about...a little laughter, a lot of fun and a few sparks flyin' in the air!)

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