Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Seeing is Believing

Spot...here's one that'll make you laugh. Ralphie again. I know, he looks a little different when he's sitting up, all poofed and pampered. Well, Ralphie came in all wide awake and raring to go this Monday morning. I almost fainted! In fact, I took him over to Mr. N and introduced him as the new student! Here's why:

A) I think he grew six inches over the weekend (and now the sweatpants are 12 inches too short).
B) He was wide awake...I mean--first time ever (before 10:00) this year!
C) He was proud as punch in his brand new glasses, greeted me immediately...of course, fishing for the compliment, which I gladly lathered on.

All during the mastery tests, he was adjusting them and then looking my way and smiling! He couldn't get over himself!

Then today? Well...no glasses and back to his old sleepy-eyed self. Head down on desk, dejected again. "What's up, Ralphie," I asked. "Where are your glasses?" He shrugs his shoulders (hands in the sweatpants pockets, as usual), and says, "I don't know." Since he's totally chagrinned, I leave him to himself to regroup.

But! Today's READING Comprehension II...if ever there was a day to have the glasses (that I've been begging for since the beginning of the year), today was the day! I can't help but watch him with his head about an inch from the table reading each of the passages. Later on, after the tests are away, and the funk has lifted, he tells me he thinks they're at his grandmas house, but he's really not sure at all.

So Spot...hats off to tomorrow. We'll have to wait and see what it brings! Don't you forget your calculator, Spot...it's a "yes-yes" day! (Yes-calculator, and yes-rulers)

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