Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hold on, Spot!

My patience is strained this week, Spot...but I know it's only because I, like you, need a well-deserved rest. We've been going at it since January 2nd or so, and we've all reached our breaking point, that's for sure. The birds and the bees are all full of buzz, and the classroom walls just can't contain the energy that's bubbling up inside. Tomorrow, the weatherman assures us an incredible, blue sky 85 degree day.

Spring fever? Well, you betcha! So, it looks like we're just gonna have to readjust our day. My lesson plan book is stuffed full of objectives and game plans to finish off the curriculum for the year. May and June are busy months in school, with field trips and performances, ppts, 504s, and everything else that could possibly disrupt our flow. But you know what, Spot? I have to remember who you are...and what you are able to do, and if I can teach it to you while I toss a frisbee at your face, I just might be willing to make that work! After all, it really is all about you, Spot...and when the outside world comes calling, we'll have to be certain to answer that call.


  1. I like how you slipped in that "you betcha". Some things catch on in spite of the messenger.

  2. I know!! Thought about it after I wrote it too. Don't wanna go there at all! Went to the BOE meeting last night. It feels like we're throwing mud at the wall and watching for what sticks. Now they're proposing...and it's an outside proposal, but scary--K-2, 3-4 schools. God, George, what are we becoming? It would horrify me to think these poor little kids would have their education chopped up like that!

  3. The whole thing is absurd. Now there's huge controversy brewing regarding whether or not they can or should have advisory questions. There's a group of people on that LC who really scare me! I'm going to be writing more about it on newtown.patch.com. Stay tuned. Your old pal is about to shoot off his big mouth (even more so than usual, that is!)