Monday, April 12, 2010

Sharpening their Pencils!

Well, everyone, they're off to the races. It's all about who can outsharpen whom! Lots of people making lots of pointed remarks about kids and dollars, and all the ways they can be served if we just reign in that almighty dollar.

Meanwhile, back at the farm...I mean, school room, we have kids to educate. So, once again, they're getting ready to make cuts, and once again, I've allowed myself to get side-tracked. No one ever asks the teachers for their ideas, so why do I even allow myself to get so far off the beam and into that political arena. My town, it seems, has an endless array of boards with pockets hanging out all over the place. I just don't get why one side of the budget can take it all, and the schools can be left hanging. What, I ask you, brings in the best value for the property value in the long run?'s certainly not the roads department. I give up.

Today, kids in the classroom were working on laptops, composing stories and collaborating to put them into power points to present them...just like the African gogo does. On the other side of the wall, kids were belting out Broadway, literally! They've made up songs to go along with their understanding of weather and how it affects our globe. Some of the funniest singing you'd ever want to hear, by the way. Gotta love that 12 year old boy falsetto. They didn't care! They were proud as punch of their new-found talents. So now? We'll have a little American Idol. Why not? Storytelling, songwriting, conceptual understanding...that is what education is all about. And that, my dear Spot...I can deliver--for a song!


  1. Sounds fantastic. And just think, you get to do it all over again next year-except by then could have as many as 30-35 students! Now who's singing the blues?

  2. Teachers are some of the most resourceful people out there. Making do with the little they are handed in funding to teach our next generation.

    In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, is having a contest where every teacher in your school can win a free gift! Check out the contest at

  3. George! Last I heard it was 29-30 students, now we're up to 35?! I can NOT even imagine it. Please wake me from this nightmare!

    Tracy, Thank you! I'll definitely check that out! And thanks for cheering us on! We need all the support we can get!